The Carcharodontasaurus is a large carnivore that is featured in the last episode of Dinosaur Planet.


A Carcharodontosaurus is a large carnivore that roamed Africa millions of years ago. Much like other large theropods, Carcharodontosaurus has large jaws capable of killing and breaking bones. It however had longer arms than other theropods which made it more formidable in bouts against other carnivores.


Carcharodontosaurus appears in Alpha's Egg as a secondary antagonist. They end up stealing the food of Dragonfly, a male Aucasaurus, and his mates while roaring. They appear once again when hunting the Saltasaurus killing the older member of the herd and feasting on her.

Trivia Edit

  • The Carcharodontosaurus did not live in South America as the episode stated. However this can be forgiven as scientist were unable to identify the skull they had found due to damage. It was instead the larger Giganotosaurus.

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